Raptor® Tank Cleaning System

Engineered to remove the most difficult products within minutes without the need for human entry, the Raptor® Tank Cleaning System is the safest, most efficient and economical heel removal and cleaning system for railcars on the market!


No Human Entry
Handles Hazardous Material

safe tank cleaning


Touchscreen Controls
Removes Heel in Minutes

Efficient tank cleaning


ROI < 1 Year
No Maintenance

economic tank cleaning


Confined space tank entry cleaning is dangerous and expensive. Through robotics and automation, the Raptor® Tank Cleaning System eliminates the need for human entry and harsh dig-out methods that require the use of shovels, picks and handheld pressure washers. Not only does Raptor® Tank Cleaning eliminate employee’s exposure to hazardous materials and environments, it minimizes damage to railcars and can be used on all types of tanks, including rubber lined and painted. It is designed to quickly and safely remove heel from acid, asphalt, crude oil, vegetable oil, animal fat, and most products that require dig-out.

Raptor® system with state-of-the-art Safety protection and Touch Screen controls


Designed with end-users in mind, Raptor® Tank Cleaning has powerful yet simple to use software that enables programming of specific cleaning procedures and processes for different railcar types and products to ensure consistently cleaned tanks. Touch screen controls increase operator productivity by allowing them to easily control and monitor the system from a handheld device such as a tablet or smart phone, while they complete other tasks. The Raptor® Tank Cleaning system’s software also allows management to monitor station activity to improve overall through-put and scheduling.

Raptor® Tank Cleaning utilizes the Bottom Outlet Valve (BOV) which makes for simple containerization to ensure easy, safe and efficient transfer and disposal of the heel and cleaning solution.


Whether you are looking for a fixed base or mobile system, Raptor® Tank Cleaning can be installed as a complete solution or custom built to capitalize on your existing infrastructure and operation. Built with IP69K Food Grade Stainless Steel, the Raptor® Tank Cleaning System wash head is durable, eliminating maintenance costs and downtime that is associated with traditional spinner-jet systems. Regardless of which options you choose, the typical return on investment (ROI) is less than a year and our system is guaranteed to meet your requirements!

Raptor wash head

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Reclaimed product has value, and if your railcars contain materials that could be re-used or recycled such as vegetable oils and animal fats, we can include an in-line filtering system.  In addition to reclaiming products, the Raptor® Tank Cleaning system has the unique ability to utilize the tank’s original liquid as cleaning solution.  This environmentally friendly and cost-effective option minimizes and often eliminates the need for cleaning chemicals and their costly disposal.

dirty railcar tank before heel removal
Over 6,000 pounds of heel inside a railcar tank.
railcar tank after cleaning and heel removal
Raptor® Tank Cleaning removed all heel with no human entry.

Flow Rate

for total clean

Particle Size
4 inch

Up to 500

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Turn large heels into large profits.

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