Cathcart Rail Selects Raptor Tank Cleaning Systems for its Planned Tank Car Cleaning Operation in Belpre, Ohio

Cathcart Rail, through its newly formed subsidiary, Utica Tank Cleaning (Utica Tank), has partnered with Raptor® Tank Cleaning Systems (Raptor®) for its planned tank car cleaning operation in Belpre, Ohio. Utica Tank will be switched by Cathcart’s subsidiary carrier, the Belpre Industrial Parkersburg Railroad (BIP), which interchanges with the CSXT seven days per week in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Utica Tank is working with Twin State Environmental on the design and construction of the facility and is scheduled to be operational in November of this year.

By selecting the Raptor® Tank Cleaning system, Utica Tank will have the ability to remove liquids, solids, and sludge from tank cars across all types of hazardous, non-hazardous and feedstock materials, including asphalt, crude oil, acids, ethanol, vegetable oils, animal fats, and tallow. To further Cathcart Rail’s dedication to safety, no human entry into the tank will be required due to the significant technological advantages of the Raptor system. The system, which incorporates robotics, guarantees a superior, safe cleaning of rail equipment.

Founder and Chief Technology Officer Scott Tinsman III stated, “the Raptor was developed and engineered based on years of industry experience. It utilizes robotics and automation to ensure the complete removal of heel and build-up from hopper and tank railcars. This safe, economical and unique cleaning technology removes the need for anyone to enter a tank while it contains product.”

With the ability to offer all types of cleaning, Utica Tank is strategically located in the Ohio River Corridor to service numerous car owner and shipper customers. Phase two of the Belpre operation will include M-1002 valve repair certification and flaring of high pressure tanks.

Casey Cathcart, President of Cathcart Rail, stated, “the new Raptor® Tank Cleaning system will allow us to handle any amount of heel in tank cars, even in excess of 10,000 pounds. This new, safe, and very efficient system minimizes cleaning time, maximizes shipment volume, and reduces freight costs; changing tank cleaning economics from a “have to” to a “want to” for many customers. Our plan is to clean and requalify tanks in hours, allowing a railcar to return to service in days, not weeks.”


Contact Information:

Utica Tank Cleaning
Casey Cathcart
Cathcart Rail
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314-605-8988 (cell)

Raptor® Tank Cleaning Systems
Charles (Chip) Lee, Jr.
Twin State Environmental
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