Raptor Tank Cleaning Systems purchases the Tank Cleaner product line (Bristol Units) from Tanker Wash Systems of Sandwich, Illinois


Davenport, Iowa (February 8, 2024) – Twin State Environmental, also known as Raptor® Cleaning Systems and Services has purchased the Tank Cleaner product line, often referred to as the “Bristol Units”, from Tanker Wash Systems of Sandwich, Illinois.

Twin State Environmental specializes in designing, engineering, manufacturing, and installing rail car and highway tank trailer cleaning systems for new facilities as well as upgrades of existing cleaning operations. “Adding the Bristol unit cleaning system to Twin State’s portfolio increases the offerings and benefits to both Tanker Wash and Raptor® customers” said Scott Tinsman III, Founder of Twin State Environmental. “The sale is a sound strategic move for both Twin State and Jeff Ikemire, president of Tanker Wash Systems.  Jeff has more than 35 years of manufacturing and serving Bristol units.  Twin State will utilize Jeff and his industry knowledge to assist in the transition and support of customers” said Charles (Chip) Lee, President of Twin State Environmental.

Jeff purchased the Tank Cleaner product line from Sentry Equipment in May of 2007. The tank cleaner offering was originally added to the Sentry product portfolio via its 2003 acquisition of Bristol Equipment Company which was based in Yorkville, Illinois.

Raptor® Cleaning Systems and Services operates a rail car cleaning service as well as manufactures their automated robotic Raptor® Tank Cleaning systems from their facility in Durant, Iowa.  The Raptor® and Bristol automated robotic cleaning systems, which includes both electric and hydraulic options, use a combination of pressure, temperature and flow rate to extract heel and sludge from Rail Cars and Highway Trailers. Hazardous, Non-Hazardous and Feed- Stock materials including Acid, Asphalt, Crude Oil, Vegetable Oils, Animal Fats, Fertilizer and Minerals are removed from the tank without human entry. These robotic machines are the Safest, most Effective and Efficient cleaning systems available.  The unique recycling and reuse options allow for the recovery of valuable acids, fats, oils or other materials collected during the cleaning process. The advantages of Raptor® and Bristol are numerous including safety, reduction in time and labor, and consistent complete cleanings.

Raptor® will begin immediately supporting the Bristol units.  All inquiries, parts and service orders can now be direct to [email protected] or by calling 563-359-3624

Contact Info: Charles (Chip) S. Lee, Jr.
Twin State Environmental
563-359-3624 / [email protected]