About Raptor® Tank Cleaning

Raptor® Cleaning Systems is the cutting-edge cleaning system of Twin State Environmental.  With years of research and development invested in designing innovative systems, Raptor® Cleaning leads all competition in providing the safest, most cost effective and fastest railcar cleaning and heel removal products available in the market. Raptor® Tank Cleaning system's innovative robotic design and durability eliminates Human Confined Space entry, decreases down-time, and supports environmentally friendly protocol. Twin State Environmental and its Raptor® Cleaning support team is dedicated to providing superior experiences to our customers, communities and employees.

Scott Tinsman 3 photo
Scott Tinsman, III
[email protected]
Cell: (563) 320-3150
Founder and Chief Technology Officer
Twin State Environmental

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Charles (Chip) Lee, Jr.
[email protected]
Cell: (248) 954-4458
Twin State Environmental

Twin State Inc

Originally founded in 1958 by Scott Tinsman, Sr. and Hovey Tinsman, Jr. as a wholesale chemical manufacture of liquid fertilizers, Twin State, Inc. remains family owned and operated. Our over 60 years of continuous growth enables us to employ over 250 Full time and 350 Seasonal employees. For more information visit TwinstateInc.com.


Our Agriculture business has 3 manufacturing plants and 25 retail operations selling and serving farmers with Liqui-Grow® balanced fertilizer products in Iowa, eastern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.  In addition to selling fertilizers, they also carry a full line of seed and chemicals to support the demands of agriculture market. For more information visit Liqui-grow.com.

Rock River Lumber & Grain

Rock River Lumber and Grain specializes in Grain Storage and Marketing.  Located in western Illinois, this division also manages fuel sales as well as multiple True Value bannered hardware stores and lumber yards.  For more information visit rockriverag.com.

Twin State Technical Services

Twin State Technical Services specializes in Web Site Development and IT Networking.  Their team, based in Davenport Iowa, is also excellent at Software Programming and Digital Marketing.  For more information visit TSTS.com.