Raptor® Cleaning Services

Raptor® Tank Cleaning System utilizes robotics and automated recycling technologies to ensure the complete removal of heel at the bottom of bulk hopper and tanker railcars.  There is no need for human entry nor shovels, picks and hand held pressure washers which commonly result in damage to a railcar and liner, virtually eliminating hazards.

While not required, Raptor® has the unique ability to utilize the tank’s original liquid, without alteration, as the cleaning solution.  Using the original liquid minimizes or eliminates the cleaning residuals and waste which results in reduced landfill concerns, costs and liabilities.  The Raptor® Tank Cleaning System is an environmentally friendly cleaning solution in this way, removing the need for cleaning chemicals and chemical disposal.

The Raptor® Tank Cleaning System is able to handle a broad range of materials.  To view a partial list of example products Raptor® is able to clean, see our Examples of Cleanable Products page.

We offer 3 different grades of tank cleaning

All of which guarantee complete removal of heel.  Pricing is generally calculated on the amount (lbs.) of heel to be removed.

Level 1

Same / Original
Product or Liquid

  • Heel and Sediment removed

Level 2

Product or Liquid

  • Heel and Sediment removed
  • Neutralization of container

Level 3

Products or Liquids

  • Heel and Sediment removed
  • Neutralization of container
  • Cleaning solution utilized to clean pores
  • “Like-New” appearance
  • Cleaning solution disposal fee

Regardless of which grade you choose, a Raptor® Clean is a Superior Clean that is both economical and efficient, allowing for increased utilization of railroad tank cars and significant freight savings.

Iowa Interstate Raptor location

We are ideally located on the Iowa Interstate Railway in Durant, Iowa with convenient access to all class one carriers reaching every North American market.

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