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Whether you need 2 or 2,000 tank or hopper cars cleaned, Raptor Tank Cleaning Services will get your railcar fleet back in service quickly! From a simple, cost-effective heel removal to a full service clean, we can remove the most difficult products including crude oil, asphalt, acid, vegetable oil, and animal fats. Even if you have been told your heel is too big, Raptor Tank Cleaning System guarantees its removal!

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Ratpor tank cleaning system

Acid heel

acid tank after

Tank & Hopper Cleaning

Our tank & hopper cleaning process is safe to use on rubber lined and painted tanks as it does not require human entry. We provide cost-effective containment and disposal of the heel and cleaning solution.

Because Raptor is dedicated to getting your railcar fleet back in service quickly, we welcome your testing and repair vendors to our facility and can assist in visit coordination.

These before and after photos document our efficient and thorough cleaning results. Removal of liquids, solids, resin pellets, and sludge of any size in any type of hazardous, non-hazardous and feed-stock material is our specialty.  We perform all types of cleanings and are proud to be certified by the OU to execute Kosher washes.

The Safest Tank Cleaning with No Human Entry

Sustainable Options

Our state-of-the-art in-line filtering system allows for reclaim and re-use of numerous products including crude vegetable oils, cooking oils, and animal fat.  If your tanks contain materials you would like to re-use or recycle, we can return it in containers of your choice (drums, totes, tank trucks and tank cars).

In addition to reclaiming products, the Raptor® system has the unique ability to utilize the tank’s original liquid as cleaning solution.  This environmentally friendly and economical option minimizes and often eliminates the need for cleaning chemicals and their costly disposal.

dirty tank before heel removal
tank after cleaning and heel removal

Our efficient and economical Raptor® Tank Cleaning System removes heel and cleans cars in minutes, allowing your cars to return to service quickly and better utilization of your railcar fleet.

Iowa Interstate Raptor location

Our Raptor Tank Cleaning Services is located on the Iowa Interstate Railway in Durant, Iowa with convenient access to all class one carriers reaching every North American market. Mobile cleaning also available.

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