Frequently Asked Questions

What size heels can the Raptor® Clean?

Our Raptor® system is designed to remove any size heel. We design systems unique to what the job requires. We also sell and install spinner head systems along with our Bristol systems to remove heel and clean tanks for any size job. Bottom line, there is no job too big or too small for a Raptor® tank cleaning system.

Can the Raptor® clean multiple commodities and how hard is to switch between commodities?

The Raptor® is designed to remove all types of commodities from tanks. It will perform multiple washes using a variety of wash tanks, easily switching between commodity types. The Raptor® automatically purges and empties the lines between washes, allowing for an efficient and easy change between commodities.

What does the average system cost?

We custom design and build the system to meet your needs. Regardless of how big or small your area and infrastructure, we engineer to your standards and work environment.

How do you know the railcar is clean and does it have a video camera?

Thanks to our years of experience providing equipment and cleaning railcars, our process knowledge will help you tune your system to fully clean your railcar the first time. It does not have a video camera. Similar to an automatic dishwasher at your home, our system is completely autonomous and runs preprogrammed wash patterns such that is does not require continuous interaction from the operator.

Does it really work that well?

We’d love to show you our cleaning facility in Durant, Iowa. You can even send your cars to Durant to see our Raptor® equipment work on your commodities.

We operate a wash rack and use our Raptor® every day, we know what works well. We have removed any concerns from the system to ensure that it works well for your own usage.

We invite your operators to come to our Durant, Iowa facility to train in advance of the installation of their Raptor® system.

In addition to the Raptor® System, do you sell any other equipment?

Twin State Environmental sells all the necessary support equipment to operate a cleaning system including, but not limited to, Pumps, Tanks, Hoses, Hot Pressure Washers, Steam Boilers, Fall Protection Systems, Industrial Vacuums, Platforms, Access Gangways, Vapor Recovery Systems, Transload Equipment, Valves and Gauges

How much water is used?

The Raptor® is designed to recirculate the cleaning medium which can included biodiesel/diesel, caustic solutions, soap solutions, etc. thus no water is used during the cleaning of the tank. At the end of the cleaning process, some customers select a 200-400 gallon fresh water rinse.

How much space does the Raptor® System need?

Our Engineering team will design a Raptor® system to be integrated into your current infrastructure, many times resulting in no noticeable impact. Utilizing 3D Modeling and a Laser Scans, our designs work perfectly for a facility with current assets or for a greenfield site. Our custom engineering ensures we cater to your desires and requirements.

How easy is it to use?

The operators simply places the Raptor® wash-head into the top manway and connects the BOV hose to the BOV outlet, pushes the start on the touch screen and within 30 minutes to 3 hours (based on heal size and commodity) the car will be clean and ready for release. The Raptor® System is fully automated, allowing control of flow rates and adjustment of wash patterns from the touch of the control screen.

How long does it take?

Raptor® cleaning time is dependent on heal size and commodity type. Most cars clean in 2 hours however cleaning time can vary from 30 minutes to 3 hours, heel size and type dependent.

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