Raptor® Tank Cleaning

Raptor™ Tank Cleaning is a state of the art railcar cleaning system engineered to safely, quickly and effectively clean railcar tankers while minimizing cost, hazards, and waste management.

Raptor Variable Flow Rate Technology


  • Automated Controls and Motors
  • 5 pre-programed wash patterns with Full 360 degree rotation
  • Fast and Effective Cleaning
  • Stainless Steel (316SS), Teflon, and Vitcon construction Food Grade (IP 69K wash down) rated components
  • Variable Flow and Pressure
  • Can use Tank Liquid for Cleaning

Functionality Range

Maximum Solid Particle Size: Up to 4"
Pump VFD Flow Rate Range: 95-260 GPM
Pump VFD Pressure Range: 0-500 psi
Process Temperature Range: -13˚F to 275˚F
Specific Gravity Range: Up to 2
Viscosity Range: Any
Outside Environment Temp Range: -4˚F to 120˚F


  • No Human Operator = No Human Error
  • Adapts to tank size and heel build up for COMPLETE cleaning, even on the sides
  • Economical and Efficient fleet management by minimizing "out-of-service" / "shopped" time
  • Certified for most Rail Car Environments including:
    • Hazardous Materials
    • Corrosive Chemicals
    • Food Grade
    • Flammable
    • Explosive
  • Complete Heel Removal with NO damage to liner
  • Reclaimed Product has Value
    • No environmental waste generated
    • No environmental waste disposal

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